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The Fly Away Dual is the newest version available in SA. It comes with a lithium Ion rechargeable battery, OR when electricity is in short supply, it will run on two AA batteries for up to 40 hours. It is the perfect product for those hot summer days when the pesky flies won't leave you and your food alone. Scientifically engineered to keep flies and bees away, the holographic lines on the Fly Away’s blades disorientate and irritate flies and bees due to the compound structure of their eyes.

Dual Function - battery receptor for 2 AA batteries plus lithium ion rechargeable battery (comes with charging cable) The lithium battery ensures a longer “flying” period once charged.

Perfect for food preparation areas, as well as using when you are entertaining outside at the braai.
- Insect repellent fan that has no chemicals, is odour free and is safe to use around children and pets.
- Scientifically engineered to keep flies and bees off food and drinks.
- Soft touch blades come to a stop when they come into contact with something and then resume as soon as the obstacle is removed.
- Protects an area of just under one square metre from flying insects.
- Runs on a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, OR, two AA batteries, for approximately 35-45 hours.
- Batteries not included

What's in the box:
Fly Away Fan USB charging cable included


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