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All You Will Ever Need In The Kitchen Thanks To bamix Accessories

Swiss-manufactured food blender brand bamix has been a favourite in South African homes for many years, thanks to the versatility brought to this stunning product by a carefully-designed set of bamix accessories


These accessories help to turn any would-be cook into a kitchen warrior, opening up a list of options that will allow the bamix to take on any requirement or preparation method listed in the most complicated of recipes.

Of course, all parts that come into contact with food are made of top-quality rust-free materials, and they are odourless, tasteless and food-safe.

Below is the range of bamix accessories available for purchase at approved retailers or through the Homeline Direct website.

bamix SliceSy

The bamix SliceSy attachment is the ideal accessory to fit all bamix mixers to take on any chopping, grating, cutting and mincing requirements. The SliceSy can be used with chopping blade, for chopping vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts. The double-edged food processor blade in the centre can be used to make tasty salsas, hummus or to even knead dough.

bamix Processor

The bamix Processor attaches to Bamix immersion blenders to process both wet and dry foods, such as dried vegetables, hard cheese and chocolate. One of the most dynamic and useful attachments in the accessories range, it easily grinds sugar into confectioner sugar, dried bread into breadcrumbs and peanuts into peanut butter. This handy tool will no doubt be one of the most used accessories for its ability to mince small quantities of garlic, onion, coconut, horseradish and herbs, as well as small portions of meat, fish and boiled eggs. New parents absolutely love this attachment, as it is well suited to mince and puree ingredients into baby food.

bamix Aerating Blade

The bamix aerating blade beats mousse and egg-whites to perfection. This tool also whips cream and even skim milk into a diet topping. Impress guests by blending sauces (bechamel, hollandaise) and aerating shakes and creams like a star chef. Add some lovely texture to cream-based soups by using this attachment to foam up the soups so that it becomes light and fluffy.

bamix Mincer Blade

As with the SliceSy, the bamix Mincer fits all bamix models, allowing the user to chop and mince small quantities of raw and cooked meat, as well as raw or cooked fish with ease. The Mincer is also ideal for vegetables with coarse fibres.

bamix Chopping Blade

Yet another durable accessory that provides variety of preparation for the user, the bamix Chopping Blade chops vegetables, potatoes, fruit and berries, as well as uncooked vegetarian food easily. This attachment also makes it simple to strain soups and sauces, mix cake mixtures, light and heavy pastries, biscuits, short pastry, omelettes; or puree vegetables.

bamix Whisk

Designed to fit all bamix models, the bamix Whisk stirs and creams pancakes, omelettes and batters with aplomb. The Whisk is also capable of mashing potatoes, creaming puddings and emulsifying salad dressings (or even cosmetics). Tangy and delicious mayonnaise can be whisked within seconds, and nothing mixes a cocktail better than this handy bamix accessory.

bamix Cutter Guard

Finally, a shoutout to the bamix Foot guard or Cutter guard which is a four pronged component located at the end of the Drive Shaft on all Bamix models. This unsung hero is primarily designed to prevent any of the bamix blade attachments from coming into contact with receptacles such as bowls, pans, jugs and beakers during use.

As with the bamix itself, rigorous testing performed in Switzerland ensures that all bamix accessories are in perfect working order.

But just to be sure, Homeline Direct, the exclusive distributor to the South African market, provides a fully-fledged service centre with the capacity to service and repair any bamix purchased within the last 20 years using original spares from Switzerland.

Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and variety to your cooking options with bamix accessories.

Homeline Direct are the importers and distributors of the bamix range of products in South Africa, including the bamix accessories. To find out more information about the bamix range, visit Homeline Direct.

- March 2019 -


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