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So You Want A Bamix - But Which One Should You Choose?

If, after carefully reflection and research, you came to the conclusion that you are in need of the versatile Swiss-made bamix, we applaud you for your wise and insightful decision.


The bamix is built to last a lifetime and is the original blender, as it was first made in 1954. They are still hand assembled in the same factory in Switzerland to this very day, ensuring quality at a level that is unmatched by competitors.

These kitchen appliances are renowned worldwide as the most reliable and versatile tool to use when preparing food and drinks.

They are available in a number of models and colours to suite personal requirements and functionality, but this is where the conundrum lies for many people. They find it difficult to choose which bamix model to go for.

Here we give you a breakdown of three awesome bamix models that are available for you to choose from:

bamix Mono

Available in white or grey, the bamix Mono 160W Hand Blender is a lightweight, handy, multi-purpose hand blender which is ideal for everyday kitchen jobs such as beating, whisking and chopping.

This model comes with the three standard bamix blades for various types of jobs. This model is not as powerful as the other two, but it is plenty powerful in its own right.

It is therefore the perfect for kitchen tool for the weekend kitchen warrior or the mom who is relied upon to whip up delicious meals for her family without needing to undertake massive cooking requirements on a consistent basis.

bamix SwissLine

The bamix SwissLine 200W Hand Blender is a powerful immersion blender that comes standard with a multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, wet and dry mill, polycarbonate beaker and recipe booklet. It can also be used with the other bamix blade accessories. This particular model is available in a variety of colours including white, grey, red, black, light blue and yellow.

A stylish counter-top stand ensures that it is always readily available. The bamix itself is well insulated, so it can be immersed into a boiling pot with no problem, and is small and safe enough to be used in all container shapes and sizes up to 8 litres at a time.

The SwissLine is more powerful than the Mono but not as powerful as the Gastro350, so it is ideal for the adventurous cook or perhaps the home industry professional creating jams or sauces for sale.

bamix Gastro350

The bamix Gastro350 350W Hand Blender is exclusively available in a stylish white colour that suits this kitchen masterpiece.

The bamix Gastro 350w is one of the top hand blenders on the market and is more powerful than the Mono and SwissLine. It is therefore the perfect tool for commercial kitchens where larger quantities of ingredients need to be processed at a time.

It comes standard with a 350w heavy-duty AC motor, multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater and functional wall bracket that allows you to mount it onto your kitchen wall. It’s also compatible with bamix’s other accessories.

The Gastro 350w has a long shaft, for high-quantity batches, and uses a powerful vortex motion to shred, chop, blend, puree, mix and whisk and emulsify. Soups, smoothies, batters and doughs are easily mixed and made with this masterfully engineered kitchen wonder.

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- July 2019 -


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