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Make This The Year Of The Bamix

At the start of each New Year, we are filled with new hope and energy for the year ahead and a list of things that we are hoping to achieve.

From weight loss to better health, becoming a better home cook to making more time for ourselves, the wish list of resolutions or objectives often seem too tough to achieve after a few weeks, but with the help of the Swiss-made bamix, the ultimate kitchen companion, you may have the secret weapon you need to tackle your list.

Synonymous with Swiss quality and a reputation for style and precision engineering, the bamix range is a Swiss-manufactured selection of food blenders that are simply the best that money can buy.

In South Africa, Homeline Direct makes a full range of bamix mixers available to consumers, including the Mono, De Luxe, Swissline, Gastro 200, Gastro 350 and Magic Wand.

Here are three objectives the bamix will help you to achieve…

Health and Weight Loss

From delicious and nutritious smoothies to delightful soups and a variety of health foods that will make you look and feel better, the bamix is the ideal kitchen companion in your quest to be healthier and lose weight. There are many great, healthy recipes available on the Homeline Direct website which will allow you to whip up food that is as beneficial for you as it is tasty.

Become a Better Home Cook

Each bamix comes with different accessories including the world famous hand blender, multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, grinder, slicy, meat blade, processor, and beakers. The range includes versions for the amateur home cook, and some products that are more suited to the professional chef.

Simply making use of this wonderful bit of technology will immediately up your cooking game, and the list of applications and preparation methods possible with the bamix will leave you astounded.

Making more time

Once you begin using the Bamix, you quickly realise how amazing it is and wonder what you ever did before you had it. The most versatile kitchen utensil on the market is built to last a lifetime, ensuring countless years of kitchen happiness for you and your family.

Another great thing that you will almost immediately notice is how much time it saves you, as your cooking and preparation time is reduced considerably thanks to the efficiency of this innovative tool. More time saved in the kitchen means more time left for you and the things that are important to you.


- January 2020 -


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