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Keep Things Super Fresh With Eezilock Bag Sealers

Fresh is always better and nothing keeps food fresher than an Eezilock Bag Sealer, used for airtight food storage with specially designed rods that fit all bags and seal them 100%.

Popular with Moms on the go and Dads in the know – these innovative and yet simple items will save you time and money, while ensuring that chips keep their crunch and fresh veggies don’t get soggy thanks to the airtight nature of the bag sealers.

You can seal any bag with this system, including plastic, foil and paper bags, guaranteeing the freshness of crisps, cereals, coffee, frozen vegetables, lettuce, flour and many other food items.


Organise everything from leftovers, picnic treats and lunch bags with the Eezilock range of reusable, economical and environment-friendly bag sealers.

By sealing the bag completely, the contents are protected in an air and moisture tight environment that cannot be compromised, keeping whatever you decide to store fresher for the maximum possible time period.

The Eazilock Sealing Rods reduce the storage space required as bags take up less space than plastic containers in the fridge or cupboard. The fully-sealed bags eliminate all odours, and best of all, they are super versatile because they are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

Many of our customers suggest that this product is absolutely ideal for travel, as you can keep things fresh on the go.

With this product there is no excuse for you to be boring when packaging food for future use, as the Eezilock sealing rods come in a variety of colours and sizes.

We know you will love this product, which is why we are generous with it. Each purchase of the Eezilock Bag Sealers comes with 12 rods in a packet (3x Small, 3x Medium, 3x Large, 3x X-Large).

The Easy Range is proudly South African and locally manufactured by Homeline Direct, providing consumers with a range of innovative household products designed to make your life a little easier and more efficient.

Other products available in Homeline Direct’s Easy Range includes the Eezi-Iron deluxe ironing board covers, and the EeziSeal suction lids, which are the ideal covers for all food containers, maintaining freshness and fitting a variety of sizes.



- April 2019 -


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