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Homeline Direct's Easy Range Of Awesome Household Products

As the importers and distributors of fine quality household products, Homeline Direct is careful and selective in deciding which products it makes available to the discerning South African consumer.


Quality and functionality is important in any household product that meets Homeline Direct’s high product standards, and the product needs to add real value to the home. This is why the Easy range of household products made sense on all levels and has been a hit with users across the country.

The range includes the Eezilock bag sealer, the Eezi-Iron deluxe ironing board covers, and the EeziSeal suction lids.

Eezilock Bag Sealer

The Eezilock Bag Sealer is used for airtight food storage with specially designed rods that fit all bags and seal them 100%.

These innovative items save time and money, while ensuring that chips keep their crunch and fresh veggies don’t get soggy thanks to the airtight nature of the bag sealers.

Users can seal any bag with this system, including plastic, foil and paper bags, guaranteeing the freshness of crisps, cereals, coffee, frozen vegetables, lettuce, flour and many other food items.

Leftovers, picnic treats and lunch bags have found a new best friend with the Eezilock range of reusable, economical and environment-friendly bag sealers.

Eezi-Iron Deluxe Ironing Board Covers

The Eezi-Iron Deluxe Ironing Board Covers provide the ideal product for this household task, halving ironing time, saving electricity and reducing the carbon footprint of the household.

With global warming a serious concern and the future of the planet dependant on small changes at the individual level, introducing this versatile and innovative ironing board cover to any home will be a great step in the right direction.

This product makes ironing far easier, more productive and successful, becoming the only ironing board cover necessary in a home.

The non-slip heat resistant material helps to prevents burn marks on clothes and ironing board covers, and the 10mm thick cushioned ironing surface ensures that no ugly mesh marks appear, while the design helps to protect buttons, embroidery, sequins and zips from damage.

Eeziseal Suction Lid

The Eeziseal Suction Lid is the ideal solution to the problem of losing or breaking a cover for any container and not being able to properly use that container any longer. This product fits a variety of round Tupperware containers, as well as other round cups, bowls and pans of varying sizes.

The covers are a suitable for use on all smooth surfaces including plastic, glass, stainless steel, melamine, and ceramic. These adjustable silicone covers fit comfortably over cups, bowls, pans or containers, creating an airtight, watertight, and spill-proof seal that is the ideal for use when reheating and storing food.

One of the things that customers who have bought this love is the fact that it is far easier, more convenient and cheaper than using plastic wrap or foil to cover any container, as the user simply presses down to create the perfect seal to keep food fresh.

All of the innovative products in the Easy range are available through the Homeline Direct website as well as through the company’s retail partners listed here.


- June 2019 -


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