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Homeline Direct Products Available Countrywide At Stockists Of Distinction

So you've found one of our products, maybe the bamix or the Fat Mat, and you would like to take a closer look.

Perhaps you want to find reviews or test out the product you are interested in before you commit.

That is not a problem and you can visit the physical stores of our retail partners to get a feel for the items you are interested in.

Rather than making the products widely available at supermarkets and other stores, we chose to entrust the household products to specialist stockist throughout South Africa -- ensuring stock availability and accessibility while maintaining the exclusivity of the products.

Homeline Direct are the importers and distributors of the bamix range of products in South Africa. To find out more information about products in the bamix range, visit Homeline Direct.

The Easy Range is our proudly South African range which is locally manufactured by Homeline Direct, with a selection of innovative household products designed to make your life a little easier and more efficient.

The Easy Range includes the Eezilock Bag Sealers used for airtight food storage with the Eezilock sealing rods, the Eezi-Iron deluxe ironing board covers, and the EeziSeal suction lids, which are the ideal covers for all food containers, maintaining freshness and fitting a variety of sizes.

Homeline Direct carefully selected a group of highly-respected retail partners to stock the bamix and its accessories as well as the other household products in the Homeline Direct range.

These stockists are trusted to represent the brands well and carry sufficient stock of all items.

Those interested in purchasing these unique and innovative products can visit any of these stores or online stores in the case of Binuns, Yuppie Chef, Takealot and Banks Kitchen Boutique, to acquire the products.

The stockists are:

<> Yuppie Chef
<> Takealot.com
<> Adam's Discount Centre
<> Banks Kitchen Boutique
<> Chef’s Warehouse
<> Binuns



- February 2020 -


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