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Great Christmas Present Ideas From Homeline Direct - Part 1

The festive season is almost upon us. Shopping malls are decked out in Christmas decorations and carols are being played on the radio - that means one thing - Christmas presents.

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the people you love, and finding the time to look around can also be a challenge. This is why Homeline Direct have done the work for you, offering you a selection of great gift ideas for the people you love in this two-part blog post.

Homeline Direct are the importers and distributors of high quality, innovative household products that are designed with the consumer's needs and expectations in mind.

As a company that truly believes in the brands that we import and distribute to South Africans, we have selected products that truly inspire us and add value to our daily lives, ensuring that Homeline Direct’s products become important additions to any home.

Here are some great Christmas present ideas from Homeline Direct.

The Bamix

Synonymous with Swiss quality and a reputation for style and precision engineering, the Bamix range is a Swiss-manufactured selection of food blenders that are simply the best that money can buy. We make a full range of Bamix mixers available to consumers, including the bamix toGo, bamix BBQ, bamix Mono, bamix Swissline, and bamix Gastro 350.

Each comes with different accessories including the world famous hand blender, multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, grinder, slicy, meat blade, processor, and beakers. The range includes versions for the amateur home cook, and some products that are more suited to the professional chef.

The most versatile kitchen utensil on the market is built to last a lifetime, ensuring countless years of kitchen happiness for the lucky loved one who gets the bamix as an exquisite Christmas gift.

Eezilock bag sealer

You may want to give this Christmas present before 25 December as it will be useful to preserve all of the extra food you will eat during the festive season.

The Eezilock Bag Sealer is the ideal tool to ensure airtight food storage with specially designed rods that fit all bags and seal them 100%. These innovative stocking fillers save time and money, while ensuring that chips keep their crunch and fresh veggies don’t get soggy thanks to the airtight nature of the bag sealers.

Users can seal any bag with this system, including plastic, foil and paper bags, guaranteeing the freshness of crisps, cereals, coffee, frozen vegetables, lettuce, flour and many other food items. Leftovers, picnic treats and lunch bags have found a new best friend with the Eezilock range of reusable, economical and environment-friendly bag sealers.

Eezi-Iron deluxe ironing board covers

Anyone who thinks this would not make a good Christmas present does not do their own ironing. The Eezi-Iron Deluxe Ironing Board Covers provide the ideal product for this household task, halving ironing time, saving electricity and reducing the carbon footprint of the household.

This product makes ironing far easier, more productive and successful, becoming the only ironing board cover necessary in a home. The non-slip heat resistant material helps to prevents burn marks on clothes and ironing board covers, and the 10mm thick cushioned ironing surface ensures that no ugly mesh marks appear, while the design helps to protect buttons, embroidery, sequins and zips from damage.


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