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Four Great Things That You Can Do With Your Bamix

The Swiss-made bamix hand-held mixer is an absolute masterpiece and possibly the most useful kitchen tool around – offering versatility that few similar products can match.

From blending and beating to whisking, grinding and so much more, the various bamix models come with different accessories and attachments which are made to the same high standard as the main stainless steel bamix blenders.

The bamix is a favourite among home cooks and professional chefs alike, having dominated the hand blender market for more than 65 years.

Here are four great things that you can do with your bamix...

Whip up fantastic soups

The whisk, the attachment with the holes in it, is one of the more frequently-used attachments. With this attachment employed, the bamix is able to emulsify sauces, make juices, batters, soups, or hard to mix powdered ingredients. For the health-conscious and those who love their soups, the bamix is a handy tool that eases preparation and leads to well-mixed soups and sauces with wonderful textures.

Prepare baby food

There is a reason why people choose to give expectant parents the bamix as an awesome gift for a baby shower. The bamix is great for pureeing baby food and softening all kinds of foods so that a young infant can begin to experience the world of taste. Mixing together various wholesome food and introducing them to a little one is one of the great uses of the bamix blender.

Make incredible ice cream

It is easy to fall in love with the bamix when you realise its ability to help in creating wonderful desserts with ease but a favourite among users is making ice cream. Whipping cream as part of the ice cream-making process is simply and requires less elbow grease with the bamix, and users soon begin to experiment with various home-made ice cream variations because of how effective the bamix is in whipping up all kinds of ingredients.

Create delightful smoothies and frappes

One of the many things that the bamix does which people take for granted is mix sumptuous drinks such as creamy smoothies and thirst-quenching frappes. The powerful bamix motor ensures that any ingredients you wish to include in your smoothie are blended together seamlessly, ensuring a mix of flavours that make for memorable drinks. The bamix is also the best way to create that perfect creamy foam for your cappuccino – so make sure you give that a try.

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- February 2020 -


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