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Fly Away - Keep Those Pesky Flies Away This Summer

Nothing beats a South African summer. Warm days, cold beers, a dip in the pool and picnics in the great outdoors, what could possibly ruin such wonderful days spent enjoying time spent outside with friends and family.

One word: Flies!

Flies getting on your food are not only disgusting and annoying, they are downright unhealthy. The longer a fly is on your food, the higher the chance of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites being transferred to it.

If a fly lands on your food and you swat it right away, the food will likely be safe to eat, but you know that pesky fly is just going to make a comeback a few seconds later.

Thankfully, Homeline Direct has a safe and effective plan to keep the flying insects away from your lunch.


The Fly Away is the ideal, safe and environmentally friendly way to keep flies and bees off your food by using chemical-free technology that really works.

The soft touch blades have holographic lines on the tips which disorientate both flies and bees, making it an uncomfortable area to fly in. Once the flies in your vicinity experience that irritation, they will avoid the area in which the Fly Away is operating, with each Fly Away device covering an area of approximately 1sqm.

Keep your food away from harmful flies with this intelligent product that does no actual harm to the fly or bee it is designed to fool.

The Fly Away can be used in a variety of dining and food preparation situations, with picnics in warm weather a particular delight when flies and bees are no longer part of the equation.

Set it up around the stove or kitchen table when preparing food and you will no longer have to keep windows closed in the heat to keep flies away from vulnerable food that is being cooked or prepared for the next meal.

No chemicals, no fuss and don't worry about the device being dangerous around kids, as the soft, safe propeller blades will do no harm whatsoever. In fact, you simply interrupt the blades with your hand and the propellers will start up again once you remove it.
Easy operation and long-life, thanks to a couple of batteries, means that it can be used anywhere and does not require electricity. The Fly Away is awesome, cost-effective at only R299 and guaranteed to work - in fact, it is incredible that you are still reading this and have not yet bought one for yourself. Not to worry – simply visit this site and it’s all yours.

Homeline Direct are the importers and distributors of great household products designed to make your life better. To find out more information about Fly Away and other innovative products, visit Homeline Direct.


- October 2019 -


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