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Eezi-Iron Deluxe Ironing Board Covers - The Only One You Will Ever Need

No one loves doing the ironing, but the right product can make it a lot easier and less impactful on the environment.


The Eezi-Iron Deluxe Ironing Board Covers from Homeline Direct provide the ideal products for this purpose, halving ironing time, saving electricity and reducing the carbon footprint of your household.

With global warming a serious concern and the future of the planet dependant on small changes at the individual level, introducing this versatile and innovative ironing board cover to your home will be a great step in the right direction.

But this proudly South African product is by no means only good for the environment. It is also incredibly good for you as it will make ironing far easier, more productive and successful, becoming the only ironing board cover you will ever need.

The non-slip heat resistant material helps to prevents burn marks on clothes and ironing board covers, and the 10mm thick cushioned ironing surface ensures that no ugly mesh marks appear, while the design helps to protect buttons, embroidery, sequins and zips from damage.

The cover makes for an ironing experience that is far more forgiving than most, which for many people includes a few horror stories about destroying or damaging favourite garments by mistake at some point.

The Eezi-Iron Deluxe Ironing Board Cover is perfect for ironing seams, pleats, quilting, and collars, and it is ideal for ironing delicate materials such as silk or chiffon.

This deluxe ironing board cover even turns your ironing board into a steam-press. To activate the steam-press function, spray the foam with water and iron as normal.

Finally, the covers are fully reversible and washable for maximum durability, ensuring that washing the covers is as easy as making use of them. The covers come in three sizes, standard, large and x-large. This is so that all ironing board sizes are catered for.

The Easy Range is proudly South African and locally manufactured by Homeline Direct, providing consumers with a range of innovative household products designed to make your life a little easier and more efficient.

Other products available in Homeline Direct’s Easy Range includes the Eezilock Bag Sealer, and the EeziSeal suction lids, which are the ideal covers for all food containers, maintaining freshness and fitting a variety of sizes.


- May 2019 -


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