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Bamix Chosen As The Best Immersion Blender

The vertsatile Swiss-made bamix has once again been recognised for its superior design and functionality, as it was named the best immersion blender by Yourbestdigs.com.

The highly regarded website put seven similar immersion blenders to the test, putting them through their paces in an effort to decide on the best product for that particular category.

It didn't surprise anyone who owns a bamix product that it came out on top in all of the tests and reviews consulted, with the bamix chosen as the best among a selection that included tools from Breville, KitchenAid, Braun and others.

The reviewers found that the bamix's unique open-cage design allowed it to be the most compact while still delivering the greatest immersion depth.

Built to last a lifetime, the bamix has been the best kitchen utensil in homes across the world for over 65 years, and this recognition proves that it continues to be the market leader in a competitive sector.

After looking at factors including blending effectiveness, design, materials, ergonomic grip, speed controls, immersion depth and reliable warranty, the result was predictable.

The bamix did well across all of those factors and was among the favourites in terms of reviews on various retailer websites.

The bamix was found to generate a powerful yet controlled vortex that effectively blends and purees. It’s unique cage design efficiently pulls ingredients to the blade without inducing any suction to bottom of the pot.

The reviewers also noted that bamix’s comfortable grip fits naturally in the hand and provides easy access to both speed buttons. In addition, its 10-year warranty is five times longer than the next longest warranty and ensures its long lifespan.

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- May 2019 -


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