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7 Things You Didn't Know About The Bamix

The versatile Swiss-made bamix is built to last a lifetime and has developed a reputation as an indispensable kitchen mixer. While its reputation is certainly growing, there may be some things about this impressive food and drink preparation tool that you did not know.

With this in mind, we put together a list of seven things you probably did not know about the bamix.

1) Made way back in 1954, the bamix is the original hand blender and its quality has always remained high, with 65 years of expertise only adding to an already superior product.

2) All bamix blenders are still hand assembled in the same factory in Switzerland to this very day, ensuring quality and accountability at a level that is unmatched by competitors. This is another reason why Homeline Direct is proud to be the exclusive distributors of the product in South Africa.

3) Famous international chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are just two of the many world-renowned chefs who swear by the bamix and enjoy using it when they prepare food. The high standard of these celebrity chefs speaks volumes about the quality and capability of the bamix.

4) Rigorous testing performed in Switzerland ensures that all bamix products are in perfect working order, but to make sure that remains the case, it comes with a 10-year guarantee on the motor and a 10-year warranty on repairs and spare parts. That is how confident bamix is that their products are built to last.

5) Each bamix product comes with a variety of accessories including the world famous hand blender, multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, grinder, slicy, meat blade, processor, and beakers. The range includes hand blender versions for the amateur home cook, and some products that are more suited to the professional chef.

6) The bamix is a dream in the kitchen for many reasons, but people always comment on how easy it is to clean. To clean it thoroughly, simply hold the bamix in a bowl of warm water containing a few drops of detergent and switch it on for just a few seconds – it is as simple as that.

7) Homeline Direct, the exclusive distributor to the South African market, provides a fully-fledged service centre with the capacity to service and repair any bamix purchased within the last 20 years using original spares from Switzerland.

Homeline Direct are the importers and distributors of the bamix range of products in South Africa. To find out more information about products in the bamix range, visit Homeline Direct.


- August 2019 -


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