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Product Information:

Eezi-iron - Large Size

Deluxe Ironing Board Cover
•  Halve your ironing time - reduce your carbon footprint - save electricity.
•   Non-slip heat resistant material.
•  Prevents burn marks on clothes and ironing board covers.
•  10mm Thick cushioned ironing surface.
•  No ugly mesh marks.
•  Protects buttons, embroidery, sequins and zips.
•  Perfect for ironing seams,pleats,quilting, and collars.
•  Ideal for delicates like silk or chiffon.
•  Fully reversible and washable for maximum durability.
•  To activate the steam-press function, spray the foam with water and iron as normal.

Turns your Ironing Board into a Steam-press!

Designed & Manufactured in South Africa with quality in mind!


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