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Homeline Direct are the proud agents for bamix of Switzerland, Eezilock, FatMat and other products. Our foremost philosophy is to source exceptionally high quality products with a touch of genius about them. Founded in 1998 Homeline Direct has become known not only for the quality of our products but also for our friendly, professional and very knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service levels.

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"Best ever! I use it so often and it is on my countertop ready to use!
From making Cuppacchino to chopping nuts to sauces and soups... great piece of equipment!" - Helene

"I have had a Bamix for a few years. Amazing kitchen tool for sauces ,chopping up tomatoes,
whipping cream to name a few. I use the Bamix daily. Wonderful , versatile gift" - Priya

"The Bamix was the best present my Mom has ever received, and she goes on about how wonderful it is. Very pleased to have bought it for her." - Paolo

"Got one 38 years back and still using it. No breakdown or service.
As good as the first day. Wonderful product." - Annelise

"I have had Bamix for many many years and have lent it to family and friends many times and until today it still works perfectly. I recommend Barmix to anyone who wants to make their life in the kitchen easier." - Marleen

Celebrating 65 years of bamix

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