bamix Recipes


Scrumptious Apple Crumble with your Bamix


Perfect Coffee Foam with your Bamix


Blueberry Delight Smoothie


The Modern Bride's Gift Registry


A taste of the Middle East: Lentil Shorba Soup


A Father's Day Favourite: Amasi Chicken with Cape Malay Spice


Mother's Day Pancakes


WINNING RECIPE: Custard Cream Cracker Slice
By: Nafeesah Casoojee



The Perfect Easter Braai Dip


Easy, Light and Crispy Tempura Batter


A Perfectly Simple Romantic Menu



Breakfast Recipes
Main courses & Garnishes
Frappes & Drinks

Biltong Pate
Mussel and Bacon Pate
Liver Pate
Boerewors Pate

Soup Recipes

Butternut Soup
Cream of Green Bean and Onion Soup
Minestrone Soup (Microwave)

Dips and Sauce Recipes

Yogurt Dip
Salmon Dressing
Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Devilled Sauce
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Seafood Sauce
Mayonnaisse without Egg
Butterscotch Sauce

Snack Recipes

Danish Blue Bites
Onion and Cheese Puffs
Mini Pizzas
Mini Stuffed Cabbages

Vegetable Mornay
Vegetable and Cheese Pie
Madumbi Kebab Pilau
Chicken Julienne
Meat Loaf
Tomato and Onion Simbal
Potato Cakes
Fish Pie
Scampi Coleslaw
Mutton Curry with Dried Fruit
Kerla Prawns
Rice Parfait

Drinks Recipes

Everfresh Coffee
Irish Coffee
Orange & Honey Eggnog
Late Night Drink
Dom Pedro
Pina Colada

Dessert Recipes
Cappuccino of White Beans and grated Truffle
Chocolate Brazil Nut Cake
Chocolate Mousse
Irish Coffee Pie
Black Forest Gateau
Lemon Meringue Pie
Meringue and Peach Squares
Pinapple Cream Gateau
Strawberry Butterfly Cakes
Chocolate Cake
Butterfly Cake

Other Recipes

Baby Recipes
Beauty Recipes
Toothpaste Recipe



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