Working with bamix

The speed
As a general rule, always work on speed setting number 2, especially when working with hard kinds of food and large amounts. Work using speed setting number 1, if the liquid does not entirely cover the safety guard (with the 4 prongs) and also for all food that has to be light and fluffy, such as whipped cream, fruit foam, etc.


Drawing up
Rest the bamix for a few seconds on the bottom of the jug. Then hold it at an angle and draw it up slowly against the side of the jug. When the ingredients no longer are drawn with the bamix, put it back on the bottom and repeat the process until the ingredients are whipped to the required stiffness.

Wrist movement

While processing, use a light rotating motion from the wrist, draw the bamix up a little and let it fall on the ingredients (do not press or pound). The fineness of the result depends on the duration of the processing.
Tip: Cover the jug with your free hand to avoid spilling.


Dip the bamix at an angle in the ingredients, switch it on and stir very slowly
(remember: the high speed does the actual mixing job).
Before taking the bamix out, switch off the appliance to avoid splashes.



Clean your bamix immediately after use to prevent food residues caking onto the drive shaft. For more thorough cleaning, hold the bamix in a bowl of warm water containing a few drops of detergent and switch it on for just a few seconds.

After use
Always remove the attachments (blade, beater or whisk) from the drive shaft after use.

Tall and narrow containers are more suitable for use with bamix than wide and shallow ones.

Great mayonnaise every time
Your mayonnaise will be perfect every time if you make it in the bamix mayonnaise beaker (which can also be used for storage). Remember that the eggs or beaten egg whites you use should be at room temperature.

If you want to process liquids, be sure to immerse the bamix wand in the liquid before switching it on.



bamix FAQs

How to attach and exchange the blades?

Push the attachment as straight as possible on to the stub in such a way that the drive pin on the stub fits exactly into the small recess in the socket of the attachment. The attachment is designed to make this process easy. The attachment is removed by simply pulling it off from the stub.

Careful: For safety, when you exchange the attachments always pull out the plug.


Blades and accessories: Application & Preparation
Multi-purpose blade

Minces, chops, purees, mixes and stirs raw or cooked vegetables, ice or nuts, sauces, soups, juices, shakes and smoothies, heavy batters and doughs.

Babyfood, ice cream, soups, juices, breads, short crust pastry, brioche, flavored butter.


Beats and foams cream, milk, egg whites, sauces, soups and eggs.

Angel Food and sponge cakes, chantilly, hollandaise and bearnaise sauces, Sabayon, coffee or milk foam.


Stirs, mixes and emulsifies light batters, dressings, drinks or cocktails, sauces and creams.

Cakes, pancakes, crepes, waffles, salad dressings, marinades, mash potatoes, mayonnaise and cosmetic masks.

Meat mincer

Minces or chops meat or vegetable with coarse fibers.

Raw or cooked meat or fish or vegetable like aspargus, rhubarb and spinach.

Processor / Grinder (Mills)

Fill in the bowl maximal to 2/3. Grinds and minces spices, nuts, grains, cooffee, sugar, salt, ice, cheese, bread crumbs, herbs and citrus peels.

Ground nuts, icing sugar, nut butter, pastes and salts, Italian pesto and curries.


Grapes, cuts in slices and chops lean meat or fish (cut into 2 Inch pieces), nuts, vegetables and fruits and cheese.

Vegetable and fruit salads, meat and fish tartar, meat balls and burgers.


bamix Care

How can I remove discolorations caused by foodstuffs from the plastic parts?
Depending on the food which caused such discoloration cleaning may be done by the use of lemon juice or vegetable oil (some drops on a cloth) or by soaking in dishwasher detergent. It is important to clean all parts strait after use.

How to clean the bamix correctly?
Strait after use: 1. Immerse in a container with clean water and switch on the second position. With a kitchen cloth, remove any residue and dry. Take care that the switch does not come in contact with water. 2. Hold under a water tap and clean with running water. Remove any residue with a kitchen cloth and dry. 3. For better results, use hot water.

How to store the bamix correctly?
The more handily bamix is placed, the more often it gets used. For this, the best way to store the bamixis to place it between the stove and the tap, secured on one of our wall brackets or stand.

How to avoid scratches in the cookware?
Make sure the blades are properly fixed. If not, they could reach higher than the cutter guard and so, scratch the bottom of the pot. Avoid pressing down and/or moving the bamix on the bottom or walls of your cookware.

In which sort of receptacle should the bamix be used?
The bamix can be used in any sort of cookware. Just make sure that the bamixfits in until the bottom and that the blades are properly attached. If using the Whisk or the Beater, choose tall, narrow receptacles.

What to do if the drive shaft no longer rotates?
When you have not used your appliance for some time, the drive shaft may get stuck due to minute foodstuff residues which have hardened and are now gumming up the lower shaft bearing. Place the operative part of the appliance for 5 to 10 minutes in a jug with hot water, and then switch it on. In general the appliance will then work again; if not, just try to free the shaft carefully with pliers.

Which parts are dishwasher safe?
The Beakers, the wall bracket, the stand, the bowl, and the disk of the SliceSy. Note: all parts of the bamix are designed to guarantee an easy cleaning.


Food Preparation

How to make fruit ice cream?
Put the frozen fruits in a tall jug. The layer should not be higher than 8cm. Pour in desired liquid (1/5 of the amount fruit). Add sugar or other sweetener. Switch the Bamix on the second position, before the cutter guard comes in contact with the frozen fruits. With fast up and down movements, crush the fruits. Mix all well. Serve immediately or freeze for later use. Attention: don't press down the Bamix. It blocks the blade, so that it cannot rotate.

Why are there fruit pieces in the bottom of the jug after preparing a fruit ice cream?
To prevent the blades from scratching your cookware, we have equipped the bamix with four feet. It causes the small pieces outside of reach to remain unprocessed. But there is no reason to waste it: blend it to a smoothie or milk shake!

How to crush ice?
For “snow like” ice, take totally frozen, (not wet) ice directly from the freezer: wet ice tends to stick to each other. Attach the Multipurpose Blade. Switch on the Bamix in the second position, before the cutter guard gets in contact with the ice. Crush the ice with quick u and down movements. Use immediately. Tip: the processor/grinder can also be used to crush ice!

How to make milk foam?
Heat up the milk, attach the Beater. Hold the Cutter guard just under the milk surface. Switch on the first position. Hold on until foamy. Serve immediately.

Is the bamix appropriate to puree hot soups?
Only the bamix can be used to puree hot soups directly on the stove, than the bamix does not splash! How to froth sauces and soups with the bamix? After the addition of cream, heat up the soup/sauce again. Attach the beater. Hold the cutter guard just under the surface. Switch on the first position. Hold on until foamy. Serve immediately.

I do not succeed in doing a mayonnaise. What could be wrong?
Always choose fresh eggs. All the ingredients should be at room temperature. Add some acid, it helps to emulsify. For the volume of egg, pour at least 4-5 times oil. Where each egg needs a slightly different amount of oil to compensate its water content. Place all ingredients in a jug. Attach the whisk. Immerse the cutter guard and switch on the second position. Emulsify. Hold the Bamix at an angle (45') and pull up slowly, making sure all ingredients are well emulsified. The Mayonnaise can be kept in the fridge at (4'C) for up to 2 weeks. The addition of 'wet ingredients' such as vegetables or herbs decreases the shelf life to up to 2 days. Tip: if you wish to have flavored mayonnaise, prepare a classic mayonnaise and flavor only the portion needed.

Can I use olive oil to make a mayonnaise?
Yes, but the olive oil leaves a bitter after taste. For an olive oil mayonnaise, just add 1-2 tablespoons olive oil in the end.

Is it possible to process fruits or vegetables without liquids?
Yes, it is very easy to puree cooked or raw vegetables or fruits with the bamix. The exceptions are: Asparagus, spinach, rhubarb and other fibrous vegetables. Directions: Clean the vegetables and cup onto 2cm pieces. Place in a jug. Attach the Multipurpose blade and switch the second position before the cutter guard touches the vegetables/fruits. With fast up and down movements, without pressing down, chop/puree the vegetables/fruits to the desired consistency.

What foods can be processed by the bamix?
Raw, cooked or frozen fruits, meat, vegetables, nuts, legumes or cheese. Due to its high speed, the bamix is ideal for dietetic and molecular kitchens. Even Natural cosmetics can be manufactured with the bamix. Using the Processor/ Grinder you can also: grind sugar, cereals, or spices (coffee, nutmeg) to powder; grind nuts or seeds to flour or butter; crush ice, chop ginger, horseradish or herbs; prepare flavored salts or pastes. Using the SliceSy you can: rasp and slice vegetables or fruits for salads, chop up vegetables, nuts, fish or lean meat (for balls or burgers).

How to whip egg whites?
Make sure you are using a clean, dry jug. The eggs should be as fresh as possible and at room temperature. Make sure the amount of whites is enough to cover the dome of the cutter guard. Add some hot water if necessary. Directions: Fill the water in a tall, narrow container. Attach the beater. Immerse the cutter guard. Switch on the first position. After 3 seconds, hold the Bamix at an angle and slowly pull the Bamix up. As the whites have reached the maximum volume, dip back in and repeat the process until firm.

How to whip cream?
Take the cream out the fridge and fill in a tall, narrow jug. Make sure it is enough to cover the dome of the cutter guard. Attach the Beater, immerse the cutter guard and switch the first position. After 3 seconds, hold the bamix at an angle (45') and pull up slowly. When the cream has reached its maximum volume, make up and down movements. Whip to the desired consistency.

How to whip 'diet cream'?
Diet cream is whipped low/ 0% fat milk. To successfully whip low fat milk, make sure the container used is clean and dry: fat or soap rests can make the process impossible. The Milk used should have a maximum 1,5% fat and be ice cold, nearly frozen! Fill the milk in a tall, narrow jug. Attach the Beater. Immerse the cutter guard and switch on the first position. After 3 seconds, hold the Bamix at an angle (45') and pull up slowly. When the cream has reached its maximum volume, make up and down movements. Whip to the desired consistency.

How to grind nuts/spices/coffee in the processor/grinder?
Fill the processor/grinder up to 2/3 with nuts. Poke in the Bamix and switch the second position. With the other hand, shake the container, preventing the nuts to stick on the sides/bottom. Grind to the desired degree. Attention: Some very oily nuts can turn onto a paste.

How to make nut butter?
First, grind the nuts to flour, than grind further without shaking the processor/grinder.



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