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July 2012 - Bamix
"Mixing my breakfast smoothie this morning, it dawned on me that the blender in my hand must be at least 25 years old.

I purchased it in the good old days when we still had an annual Cape Show at the Goodwood showgrounds here in Cape Town (where the casino is today), and I thought that it might interest you to know that I have had so many years of really great service from this product. It is a Bamix Mod. M122 Electronic 2-speed 220V 100W blender. Perhaps the model number will give you a better indication of how many years back this one was manufactured :-)

I just wanted to say... Thanks for a really great product! "
-- A Jordaan

January 2011 - Bamix
"I bought a Bamix 3 years ago at the Good Food and Wine Show in Durban. I already had a Magimix which, since the acquisition of the Bamix, has retired. The Bamix is in use every single day without fail - it is without a doubt the best, most useful kitchen accessory I have bought."
-- Mike Halley
November 2010 - Bamix
"Where can i buy a bamix grinder in Kimberley and what is the price?
My bamix is already 28yrs old, but my lid of my grinder broke."
- Chrissie
October 2010 - Bamix
"Ek gebruik my Bamix DAAGLIKS seker al 35 jaar. Dit is die beste produk in my huis, maar na hierdie lang tyd het sy motortjie stadig geword. Is daar 'n plek waarna ek hom kan stuur vir 'n goeie diens?"
- Susan
March 2010 - Bamix
"I bought a Bamix at the Hobby X show on Sat. It is by far the best appliance I have ever invested in. Can I ask if the Slicer attachement funtions with this unit and if so what does it cost and where do I get one?"
September 2009 - Bamix
"My parents bought the Bamix many years. One of the blades broke after years of service. I contact Leanne Cardoso-lopes , she assisted me quickly and the blade was on its way. Thank you for your friendly and quick service. I will recommend your company to all my friends and family."
-- Gerhard
September 2009 - Bamix
"I have had a bamix for 20 years and at the House and Garden Show 3 yrs ago I HAD to buy a new one, I have found uses for it in most of my preparations. It has been my kitchen companion daily!!
Thank you BAMIX"
-- Saadia

July 2009 - Bamix
"I bought the Bamix at the Durban show +- 3 years ago and it is the best machine that I have ever bought. I keep it on my kitchen shelf and it is in (almost) daily use - one kitchen tool that I would never be without. If I could speak Swiss, I would definitely tell them in their language. Thanks for a superb machine - I love it."
-- Janet


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