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November 2012 - Eezilock
"I already have a small bag of Eezilock rods, and they are the best thing ever - no more stale crisps and it helps close bags of sugar, rolls, etc. Don't know what I ever did before I was given them. I am going to be sharing them with friends and family as Christmas presents this year!"
- Venetia Mills
January 2011 - Eezilock
"Good day, we found EEZILOCK on our last trip to ZA in october and brought some back to Germany. Now we see a larger interest from friends and family and need some more. Which way can you recommend that we get some of these ? Thank you and have an enjoyable weekend."
- Uwe
November 2010 - Eezilock
"I would like to purchase more of these fantastic things. Where can I buy them before Christmas."
- Mrs Catchpole
September 2010 - Eezilock
"Hi there, I live in the Gauteng, Sandton area and I would like to know where I can buy some more of the Eezilocks as I find them rather handy, better than the seal it machines."
- Helen
September 2010 - Eezilock
"I'm looking for more of these Eezilock rods, where in Natal can I buy them, pse, they are great!!"
- Samantha
August 2010 - Eezilock
"i purchased some easylocks at the cape town convention centre when a show was on where could i purchase some more - they are fantastic
- Ingrid
May 2010 - Eezilock
"Is there anywhere in the Randburg/Cresta area where I can buy MORE Eezilock/Anylock. Bought a pack at HobbyX- they are absolutely fantastic."
- Val
September 2009 - Eezilock
"The anylock was purchased with some suspicion. My 8yr old insited I buy one and she mentioned to the salesperson without care for my dignity how I tie little bands etc around my groceries in the cupboard-to keep her from saying more-i bought it!!
What can I say...I'm hooked
My cupboard looks much neater and I seal just about everything-whats more is i have ordered for all my family and friends to amke their lives easier too!!I love it!"
-- Saadia
September 2009 - Eezilock
"I recently purchased two sets of the Eezilock at the National Boat Show in Johannesburg and find them just great. I would like to purchase two more sets to take to my daughter in the USA next month. Please let me know how I can accomplish this as I can not attend any of the Events."
-- Ursula
September 2009 - Eezilock
"I purchased your anylock product at Decorex and I would like to purchase some more. Please advise if I can purchase directly form you."
-- Lynne
September 2009 - Eezilock
"I would like to buy more Anylock, do you have an agent in Durban?"
-- Patricia
September 2009 - Eezilock
"I bought 2 pkts of anylock - and love them - I can't live without them - they are one of the best products I have seen in a long time. You need to have more retail outlets (are you interested in someone marketing this product in Kwa-Zulu Natal). I would be very interested. I would like to buy more please - can I buy directly from you? please let me know asap. Thank you"
-- Bev


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