How to work with Bamix®
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As a general rule always work on speed 2.
Work on speed 1 if the liquid does not entirely cover the security guard (with the 4 prongs) and also for all fluffy food like whipped cream, fruit foam etc.
Wrist movement
While processing, use a light swivelling motion from the wrist, draw Bamix® up a little and let it fall on the ingredients (do not press or pound). The fineness of the result depends on the length of processing.

Tip: Cover the jug with your free hand to avoid spilling.
Drawing up
Rest the Bamix® for a few seconds on the bottom of the jug. Then hold it at an angle and draw it up slowly against the side of the jug. When the ingredients no longer are drawn with the Bamix®, put it back on the bottom and repeat the process until the ingredients are whipped to the required stiffness.
Dip the Bamix® at an angle in the ingredients, switch it on and stir very slowly (remember: the high speed does the actual mixing job).

Maintenance and handling
Clean your Bamix® immediately after use to prevent food residues caking onto the drive shaft. For more thorough cleaning, hold the Bamix® in a bowl of warm water containing a few drops of detergent and switch it on for just a few seconds.
After use
Always remove the attachments (blade, beater or whisk) from the drive shaft after use.
Use tall and narrow receptacles if possible.
Tall and narrow receptacles are more suitable than wide and shallow ones.
Great mayonnaise every time
Your mayonnaise will be perfect every time if you make it in the Bamix® mayonnaise beaker (which can also be used for storage). Remember that the eggs or beaten egg whites you use should be at room temperature.
If you want to process liquids, be sure to immerse the Bamix® wand in the liquid before switching it on..
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