Meat Blade

   When the impossible
   suddenly becomes possible.
      Now you too can work like a       gourmet chef and render fibrous       substances smooth and creamy.





      Salmon Mousse

      1 piece of horse-radish, 100g salmon
      filet, 150g full-fat curd cheese, zest of
      a lemon, 100ml of double cream, pinch
      of salt & pepper, a few chives, 1 lime

      Peel the horse-radish and grate it finely
      with the lemon zest in the processor. Use
      the meat blade to puree the salmon filet.
      Mix together the curd cheese and salmon
      and then add the lemon and horse-radish
      mixture. Using the beater, whip the
      cream until it forms peaks and then mix it
      together with the salmon cream. Season
      with salt and pepper and serve garnished
      with coursely chopped chives and slices
      of lime.


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