Eezilock Bag Sealers

Keep food items separate and fresh with the EeziLock Bag Sealers.
Rods come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can 
organize everything from leftovers, picnic staples and lunch bags.
Eezilock bags are re-usable, economical and Environment freindly

Product Features:
Variety of sizes for a variety of uses,
Will lock most plastic bags,
Excellent protection against moisture,
Take up less space than plastic containers in the fridge,
Use for potato chips, nuts, cereals, coffee, candy and more,
Put salad greens at bottom and dressing on top,
Remove middle rods when you want to mix flavors,
Use sealing rods for more than just food,
Great for craft projects, cleansers and odds and ends,
Perfect for traveling - keep items separate in your suitcase.

To Clean:
Wash in warm, soapy water; rinse well.

How to use:
Fold over the open top of the bag and insert the yellow rod tip
under the fold. Slide the rod to the end.

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